So I said I wouldn’t do previews, because I wanted to keep things a bit more low-profile this time around, but I’ve succesfully worked up a buffer for the rest of the month, so I figure why not tempt fate?

Tempting fate is one of those things you should always try to do, because even though you kno it’s going to end badly, you know that it’s going to be totally worth it.  So here it is, a preview, this is a preview for the 24th of June, so it’s still a couple of weeks away. Working on this new project has opened my eyes. I’m dabbling in a slightly different style, and I’m experimenting more. Looking back I’m not a 100% proud of the first couple of pages, but I’m finding it easier to produce new pages. I think I’m improving with each new page. Just goes to show that getting stranded in a creative limbo for over a month does take its toll on you.

As for upcoming updates, Let me be cryptic and just say: 15 – 18 – 21 -24, although to be fair, it’s not that cryptic once you realize the only thing you need to stick behind those numbers is the word June… so much for mystery.